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 protect your bonsai from these hot days

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pak bonsai

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PostSubject: protect your bonsai from these hot days   Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:08 am

hi to all.
now a days its too hot in Pakistan,the sun is shinning at its peak and it burns the skin.
as we have very delicate plants of bonsai,they should be protected from this situation.
here are some suggestions.
1-keep them under shades though are out door plants
2-use green shades to protect from direct sunlight
3-water them daily,dont let them dry out.
4-try to water and mist bonsai before the 8 am and after sunset.
5-use humidity trays to keep level at normal.
6-keep some pots full of water near to plants,it will also help to keep humidity at level.
7-put some water crystals or piece of foam in the pots,they will keep the storage of water and release them gradually.
8-dont water them or mist in noon or after noon(in direct sunshine it will burn leaves of plants).
9-avoid to cutting or pruning in these days.
10-dont re pot
11-save your trees from strong winds and storms, tie them with wire to pots.
here are some suggestion to protect your bonsai in hot summer days. and dont forget to protect your self and your family too.
Pak Bonsai
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protect your bonsai from these hot days
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