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Bonsai forum in to make a bonsai,how to care for bonsai,lets talk about to create a bonsai,soil,pots,watering,pruning,cutting,styling.
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 Welcom to Pak Bonsai Forum

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PostSubject: Welcom to Pak Bonsai Forum   Tue May 12, 2009 11:59 am

dear visitor we welcome you with the warmth of heart in the Pak Bonsai forum.
the object of this forum is to share your experience with others and talk about your bonsai.there are many about thousands web sites and forums about the bonsai but we feel that there was no one for the lovers of bonsai in Pakistan. As we have different climate trees species and soil than other countries we cant manage the information available online for our plants.So this was the need to talk and share information about bonsai according to our climate and materials available here.
i am also new bonsai member as other and don't have much experience so i feel that we should talk about it and share our ideas.
i hope you will feel comfort and enjoy in Pak Bonsai Forum.
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Welcom to Pak Bonsai Forum
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