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Bonsai forum in to make a bonsai,how to care for bonsai,lets talk about to create a bonsai,soil,pots,watering,pruning,cutting,styling.
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 Amidst the Madness

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PostSubject: Amidst the Madness   Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:04 pm

As a Pakistani (especially a Karachiite) we all know how stressful our daily lives has been with political unrest, extremism, economic difficulties, and others. If we have so much to worry about and focus on, then why do we prioritize bonsai as our hobby? Why do we spend time on bonsai when we can be thinking and spending more time with other more important things?

Not to mention that bonsai is not an easy hobby; there is a lot to learn in keeping a tree healthy and looking good (like a tree). That takes up a lot of research and time. Having said all this, I think I know why Pakistanis are more gravitated towards bonsai.

To me, a 'quality' bonsai provides peace and tranquility to the soul, just by enjoying the naturalness and beauty of the tree in a pot. Personally, my best time with the trees is when I water them and watch them soak up all that moisture. The effect that bonsai trees have on us is why we do bonsai in Pakistan.

When most of half of our day is spent in madness, then we need some time to deflate and relax. That is why Pakistanis need this hobby more than anyone. And hopefully people will keep the pakbonsai forums alive, because these forums are a great source of 'local' information about anything bonsai related in your area.
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pak bonsai
pak bonsai

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PostSubject: Re: Amidst the Madness   Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:44 pm

Aman rightly said. I second.

Pakistan Zinda Baad
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Amidst the Madness
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