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 Fastest Trunk Growth

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Fastest Trunk Growth Empty
PostSubject: Fastest Trunk Growth   Fastest Trunk Growth EmptyMon Apr 28, 2014 7:39 pm

In bonsai, a lot of us look for instant gratification... get results FAST! I want a finished bonsai right away. I used to be like that when I was new to this hobby, and a lot of times this attitude used to get my trees killed when impatiently I would style a raw material into a tree, or force it into a bonsai pot.

If you are into Bonsai, and if you want 'quality', and have some time and no money, then enjoy your trees growing in the process. Having said that, there are certain techniques that can get you results fairly fast without hurting the tree (in fact strengthening them).

One very common technique that professionals exploit is planting a seedling in the ground, and let it grow freely for some time. How long, well it depends on the vigor of the plant's growth (based on species and climate). The soil should have good drainage, and regular watering and fertilizing will help. Ficus species should respond well to this technique.

I personally think that you can grow some really amazing Peelkhan trunks by this method. Let it grow for 3 to 5 years in the ground (based on the girth you want) and then train it in pots. Brent Walston has written a really nice piece on this technique, so please read on it (see below link) and try growing some large ficus.

If I was living in Khi, then I would definitely grow some Peelkhan and Barr trees in this way, but I live in Chicago; a very cold climate where I cannot grow any ficus outside.

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Fastest Trunk Growth
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